Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

We are Manufacturers & Suppliers of CHITOSAN (Chitosan is an all natural product which is derived from the Polysaccharide chitin.
Armstrong produces high performance : Precision Die-cut foam, Sponge , Felt and Film Products. Rubber moulded products. Coated Adhesives and laminated products.
Aswin is the trade name of the effective insecticide and pesticide products and also the name of the non-toxic products. The effective insecticide and pesticide products are available in aerosol, liquid, powder and bait.
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Sodium silicate manufacturing is fundamental to the business Sof C. Thai Chemicals. Our company began producing sodium silicate more than two decades ago as a founder of outlet in many manufacturing industries.
Thai Chemicals is one of the major sodium silicate manufacturers in Thailand. It's range of applications fall into three broad groups : detergent, adhesive, and chemical.
Gateway of chemical products in thailand.Promotes and supporst members to build up unity and exchange views among members and cooperate with government in promoting the chemical business.
Chemical Plus was established to cater for the Thai market in the segments of paints, wood coating, UV coating, painting ink, plastic, rubber, textile, cosmetic, paper and adhesive industries.
GarmentAA is established as an international directory for the textile and garment industry providing the best products for importer and exporter. We are a marketplace for textile and garment manufacture.
Hanwha Chemical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. has been established in 1989. In this plant, which produces high-quality PVC products, including PVC Floor Covering, PVC Cushion Sheet, and PVC Fashion Tiles.
Herbal King - Natural Products from Thailand
Welcome to ICP Chemicals Co. Ltd., an importer, exporter and distributor of industrial chemicals products for general industrial use.
Infus Medical, in business since 1990, is dedicated to providing quality start - to - finish customized manufacturing of sterile medical tubing sets through OEM and private label applications.
A World Leader Distributor and Exporter of all kinds of vacuum salt and Chemical Products.
Lime Quality Co., Ltd is a leading supplier of quality lime product such as quick lime, hydrated lime and calcium carbonate for a wide range of industries including pulp & paper.
Our key business sectors include hardware marketing and distribution; specialty building products; industrial chemicals; industrial products, and biomedical products.
Merck Ltd. is marketing pharmaceutical and chemical products of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, and associated companies including laboratory reagents, diagnostics, pearl pigments, industrial.
Modern dyestuffs & pigments Co., Ltd. (MDP) was founded in 1990 with well-equipped factory. The production plant is located 110 km away from Bangkok Metropolitan with total area of seventy thousand square meters.
New Concept Product Co., Ltd. was established in 1985 as a pharmacy in a small corner of Bangkok.
Food, cosmetics/pharma, polymer, specialty, paint, metal retreatment additives, metal forming lubricants.