Complete Windows 2000 Hosting Solution, iMail Server 7.02, MS SQL 2000, ColdFusion 5, Control Panel, Multi Domain.
Local website of the world's largest internet networking company.
Offers internet, digital network, fixed line, wireless, and telecommunication system integrating services.
From chemical to communication, Lenso has been expanding rapidly to keep pace with Thailand's lucrative economy. (TOT, Pin Phone, CAT card, Lenso Phone Card and internet card)
NetSol Co., Ltd. is a leading provider for Network installation and maintenance and PC Service. We also offer Rental Servers (Unix/Linux) with 24 hrs support, Remote Access, Web-Hosting and much more.
An energetic information technology company founded in 1992 by a few entrepreneurial ex-Intel USA and ex-Microsoft Int'l Senior Managers.
Services include outdide plant network, transmission network, and digital loop carrier. ( owned by Internet Business Network Co., Ltd. ) intends to respond the demand of Thai people in USA and UK, who frequently call to Thailand.
Vnet Capital is a privately held Thai venture capital firm, primarily investing in information technology (IT) and IT services with in Thailand.